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02nd Feb 2018

Morrisons have just launched a Yorkshire pudding pizza and it looks delicious

Kyle Picknell

Know anyone who is going to demolish one of these?

The Bradford-based supermarket chain are combining everybody’s favourite food with everybody’s second favourite food in a move that I can only boldly predict will go down extremely well with a large number of people.

To celebrate Yorkshire Pudding Day tomorrow, which up until now I didn’t know existed but I’m very glad it does, Morrisons are releasing the “Yorkshire Pudding Pizza” which will be available up until the 20th of February.

Photo credit Anthony Upton/PA Wire


The Italian/Yorkshire delicacy is available in two flavours: meat feast and pepperoni, meaning you can choose between lots of meat or just some meat depending on how much meat you want that day.

You’ll be able to find them in all 481 Morrisons stores across the country for only £3.

Truly, we have been blessed.