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13th Aug 2018

Morrisons is now selling beer battered halloumi

Kyle Picknell

The only thing people like more than halloumi is telling everybody how much they like halloumi

Good news then, now that Morrisons is launching yet another halloumi product for people to look at and go “Oh my god – heart eyes emoji – I absolutely love halloumi” but never actually buy.

You probably should though, because these beer-battered halloumi – sticks? Lumps? Rectangles? I don’t know the official term – are only £2.50 for a pack of four, or, if you are serious about your halloumi and making sure that everybody is well aware of how much you like halloumi, you can get them on offer, three packs for £6.

Look at them. They look all crispy and nice and ooo, look, a bit of lime. Lovely. £6. Fill your boots. Cashback.

Image courtesy of Morrisons

Here are some important halloumi facts about the above halloumi:

  • It is Cypriot cheese
  • Coated in Black Sheep ale
  • Halloumi
  • It is halloumi
  • Vegetarian
  • Halloumi
  • 220g of Halloumi
  • 14 minutes to cook
  • Again, a fairly substantial amount of halloumi

And here’s the packagaing! Wahoo!

Still not happy? Ok, how about Burger King’s first ever halloumi burger? How about Wetherspoons new halloumi fries? Or the Aldi ones? What is wrong with you? What is actually wrong with you? How much halloumi is too much halloumi? Are you actually mad? Stop drooling over halloumi.