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07th Aug 2020

59% of Brits do not consider a Magnum to be an ice lolly, extremely controversial YouGov survey finds

Wil Jones

Let the endless arguments commence

A YouGov poll has found that 59% of British people do not consider a Magnum an ice lolly.

The extremely important and controversial research also found that 47% of people would not consider a Feast an ice lolly, and that 24% of those asked would not say that a Solero fell under the term either.

87% of people said that a Cornetto wasn’t an ice lolly, but that is just common sense because it is just ice cream in a cone.

On the other end of the scale, 98% of people agreed that a Fruit Pastille was an ice lolly, and 97% said that a lemonade lolly was as well. Other popular choices for ice lollies were a Fab (92%) and Calippo (86%), even though the latter does not have a stick.

It seems that when ice cream becomes involved is where things get difficult. 14% of people would not classify a Twister as an ice lolly, and 15% would say that a Mini Milk was not one.

So what is the defining feature of an ice lolly? It seems having frozen juice or flavoured ice is important, but having a stick is not. That might be why the Magnum ranks so slow, but Calippo so high.

How did this research come to take place? In 2018, YouGov released a list of British people’s favourite ice lollies. And Magnum topped the poll with 28% of people picking it – nearly three times that of its closest rivals (Fab and Solero, both on 8%).

However, that led to an angry response from people claiming that “Um, actually, no, Magnum is not an ice lolly”.

“It’s an ice cream!” they cried, like there is not tons of other things to be outraged about in the world right now. So YouGov thought it was time for another very important poll, that definitely won’t cause more arguments.