Iceland are selling Luxury Christmas Tree flavour crisps because you can never go too far 3 years ago

Iceland are selling Luxury Christmas Tree flavour crisps because you can never go too far

What's your favourite flavour of crisp?

I like Salt and Vinegar, myself. I've been known to enjoy a bag of Prawn Cocktail from time to time. Cheese and Onion? Yes please. Less keen on Smokey Bacon, but I wouldn't say no in a pinch.


"How about Christmas Tree flavour?" asks Iceland.

...come again?

Yes, everyone's favourite frozen supermarket (apologies to the Farmfoods Ultras) has released what is undoubtedly the bravest flavour of crisps in recent years.


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Having never eaten a Christmas tree, contrary to the disgusting rumours that have dogged my career and ruined my personal life, I couldn't tell you whether the festive flora makes for a tasty snack, but my hunch would be no.


Iceland clearly thinks otherwise, launching the off-beat snack alongside a range of yuletide treats, including pigs-in-blanket and lobster flavour crisps.

The key ingredient in the Christmas Tree crisps is not actual Christmas tree; the crisps are cooked in oil from real pine needles, giving them that needly twist that has  been so sorely missing from snacks up until this point.

Iceland’s Head Chef, Neil Nugent, said of the crisps: "At Iceland we are always evolving our product range to include the latest foods and trends. The Christmas Tree Crisps have a slight ready salted flavour with a hint of pine that creates a completely new combination, unlike any other festive flavour."

You can nab yourself a 180g bag of Christmas Tree crisps for a very reasonable £1. We won't even get on to the fact that they're coming out a solid two months before Christmas, because that's just the way the world works now.