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18th May 2020

How to cook a real authentic Italian spaghetti Carbonara



What constitutes a real carbonara for you?

For many of us who enjoy making pasta dishes, we have our own way of doing things. Sure, there are plenty out there who follow the recipe and traditional components of a dish to a tee, but often times people will have found what works for them with a dish, cultivated over time.

Convenience also comes into it, which is probably why many of us use cream when we opt for a carbonara at home. Of course, the actual recipe for carbonara contains no cream, with the silky sauce the result of egg yolks.

And though you may like to add it in, the recipe also contains neither bacon nor onions. So, what actually does go into it? Well, we thought about that, so we got Aurore to call up her friend Fabiana and learn how to make a traditional carbonara at home.