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03rd Mar 2020

Americans try to make a full English breakfast

Wil Jones

“It’s like blood and liver or something?”

The English might not be known for their extravagant cuisine, but there is one thing they can definitely be proud of: the full English breakfast. The exact line-up of elements is the subject of fierce debate, but generally, it should include some combination of sausages, eggs, toast, fried eggs, bean, bacon and maybe a hash brown or two.

It is not the most difficult dish to cook – most of it can be fried in the same pan – but what if you have never tried to make one before? We got two Americans and gave them all the basic ingredients for a full English, as well as few sneaky rogue items to try and trick them. We then put them in a kitchen to see what they could knock together. How did they do? And did they try to make some mushy peas?