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20th Mar 2015

You’ll never guess what bodybuilders are guzzling to beef up

Whatever will they 'come up' with next?

Ben Kenyon

We’ve heard some pretty weird diet tips here at – but this one is hard to swallow. Literally.

Bodybuilders are known for going to extreme lengths (nudge nudge, wink wink) to pile on muscle. However, this is one gym hack that will leave a lump in your throat.

Okay, enough suggestive puns. The secret ingredient some brave gym freaks are necking after a hard workout is SEMEN. Their very own baby gravy.

Surfing one health and fitness forum, a bodybuilder wrote: “I’ve been really looking for that perfect addition to my current diet. A probuilder at the gym suggested I mix my own semen into my protein shakes.”

Good luck to him, we suppose. It seems he nipped home and whipped up a fresh batch of man glue to stick in his post-workout shake. One of life’s true pioneers.

He continued: “I tried it and to be honest the cum didn’t really mix in that great and kind of clumped up with protein on the sides. Before I try this again I just want to make sure I am doing this right?!”

So it appears that spunk’s a curdler like Baileys. Who knew?

It’s fair to say this suggestion went down as well as, erm, a lukewarm manshake.

But a few fellow fitness fanatics chirped up with some ’helpful’ suggestions to make the medicine go down a little easier.

Mask the taste by mixing it into a smoothie perhaps?



Add a little scotch to take away the taste….


Or even a new shaker cap to get the party started…


But before you rush out and spunk your wages on a recipe book, here’s a handy nutritional guide to the white stuff.

Far from being the protein-packed super supplement bodybuilders have been waiting for, it seems there’s only a small splash of protein in every shot of semen.

A Complete Breakdown of the Nutritional Content of Semen


And if that’s still not put you off, you might want to watch this little clip from the 2002 Van Wilder movie…

Bon appetit!