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25th Jun 2015

World’s Fittest Woman test drives Reebok’s new Nano 5.0 in this cool video

Ben Kenyon

CrossFit kids of the world – the new Reebok Nano 5.0 is now out in the UK.

It’s the fifth incarnation of their trademark Nano functional fitness footwear  – and Reebok say it’s the best yet.

The sports giant have specially designed the Nano around the requirements of the modern CrossFit athlete “from the bottom of a burpee to the top of a rope climb.”


What better way to show off their hardcore new footwear than by putting World’s Fittest Woman Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet through her paces.

Here’s Reebok’s arty advert where the 2014 CrossFit Games champion hits some barbells, tyre flips, rope climbs and a sled push in them.

So what’s new about the shoe?

Well, the latest design is made from ultra-strong and flexible Kevlar (yes the same stuff they make bulletproof vests from).

Reebok say the material gives increased strength and durability through the toughest WODs (and seeing some of the CrossFit Games workouts, they need to be).

It also features a newly-engineered anatomical heel counter and footbed with an R55 platform for additional high rebound and cushioning.

The firm says the Nano 5.0 also offers traction working alongside a full rubber sole with MetaSplit flex groove and heightened RopePro+. Sounds pretty fancy.

All we know is we want a pair (because everyone knows new shoes make you train harder).

The new Reebok Nano 5.0 is out in the UK on Thursday. It’s a far cry from the original design…