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24th Aug 2015

Welshman nails a ludicrous push-ups world record in one hour…at 50-years-old

What the actual f**k?

Ben Kenyon

Next time you’re trying to bash out 10 push-ups at the gym, just think about this guy.

Super-fit Welshman Carlton Williams is a little bit good at push-ups. We say a little bit good, he’s a human push-up machine.

Not satisfied with smashing the world record for the amount of push-ups in an hour (1,874) back in 2014, he came back for more. Much more.

He didn’t just smash the record, he went absolutely Chuck Norris on it, getting 2,220 in 60 agonising-looking minutes.

Oh, did we mention he’s old enough to be your dad?

H/T South Wales Evening Post