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20th May 2015

Video: CrossFit star Mat Fraser talks training, nerves and breaking his back

Ben Kenyon

The second fittest man in the world, Mat Fraser, could be set to take Rich Froning’s CrossFit crown in 2015 and this video suggests he’d be a worthy champion.

In a promotional documentary for Nike, the 25-year-old reveals his enormous dedication to training and becoming the best in the sport.

“Having a good day or bad day of training is almost like a vicious circle,” says Fraser. “Say I have a bad day of training, I’m going to go back in Monday night and try and make up for that bad morning.”

Fraser also reveals how he broke his back in two places – “I have some hardware in there now” – and that he gets so nervous before competitions that he pukes.

But don’t worry, he’s enjoying himself: “Right now, I’m having the time of my life.”