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15th Jul 2015

US man smashes Guinness World Record for most clap pull-ups in one minute (Video)

Talk about pulling power...

Ben Kenyon

If you’ve ever tried to string more than 10 pull-ups together, it’s not that easy.

So imagine trying that same s**t but with a clap at the top of each rep, just to make it that little bit harder.

Introducing “The Pull-Up Guy”, or Ron Cooper as his mum and dad named him.

You can guess by the name that he’s a little bit good at pull-ups.

Now we’ve already seen the Guinness World Record for the number of pull-ups in a minute smashed this year.

But US personal trainer Ron, from Marblehead, Massachusetts, wanted a stab at the record for clap pull-ups which stood at 15 in 60 seconds.

He didn’t just beat it, he absolutely knocked it out of the park. That man must have some serious lats on him…

H/T Guinness World Records