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06th Apr 2016

This 84-year-old Canadian man made a 200kg deadlift look a piece of p*ss

What a beast!

Ben Kenyon

While most 84-year-olds are probably pottering about in the garden or doing a crossword, Canadian Joe Stockinger is out there smashing huge weights.

He performed an incredible 429.9lb deadlift (which is just a shy of the 200kg mark) at the 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation meet.

What’s more incredible is the pensioner weighs in at just 148lbs (10st 5lbs or 67.5kg).

It was a lift that would put most blokes a quarter of his age to shame. The technique on the deadlift is beautiful – with the sumo deadlift set up and then a lift that was as smooth as a knife through butter.

Amazingly, the heavy weight doesn’t register as Joe’s biggest deadlift. He is the currently holder of powerlifting federation’s 80+ world records in deadlift (202kg) squat (121kg) bench press (90kg) for his weight.

There are no steroids and no lifting equipment permitted in the Raw federation which makes Stockinger’s achievement even more incredible.

Just look at the shape he was in when he set this world record eight years ago…

Joe’s now got his sights set on the world championships where he hopes to crush his deadlift record, according to his local paper the Pincher Creek Echo.

He’s not the only super-strong OAP doing the rounds either. This 78-year-old Illinois grandmother, who started going to the gym in 2014,  recently broke the state record with a 237lbs deadlift.

Weight training is brilliant at any age – but as you age it has incredible health benefits. It stops your muscles from wasting (atrophy) improves strength for day to day tasks, boosts bone density, helps joint and arthritis pains and generally reduces the physical effects of ageing.

Massive respect to this tremendously strong strong duo. Keep lifting!