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12th Aug 2015

‘Soy protein is as good as whey at muscle building’: JOE reviews Etixx Complex Training Shake

Ben Kenyon

When think of protein you probably think whey…the stuff they cream off the top of milk.

Whey has been down since day one and is pretty popular with bodybuilders, athletes and anyone who trains.

But as the market for protein supplements has exploded, so has the variety of recovery supplements you can buy.

One that had been getting a lot of press is soy protein.

We decided to give Etixx Sports Nutrition’s soy complex training shake a go and see how it stacks up against whey powders.

For starters soy is lactose free – that means it’s ideal for vegans or anyone that milk doesn’t agree with.

It contains the same nine muscle-building essential amino acids as whey protein which is considered king for stacking on lean tissue.


Soy reportedly has particularly high amounts of amino acids arginine and glutamine – helping with muscle growth, protein metabolism and stopping muscle breakdown.

Etixx says its product has ‘protein, vitamin, minerals and creatine’ to support strength and muscle gains.

With 25g of protein per 50g serving, that’s really not bad. The powder is pretty low fat with just 1.6g and only 0.5g of that from saturates. If you’re a carb counter, there’s 17g per serving which means it’s useful post workout or before you hit the gym.

The product contains Vitamin B complex which are good for maintaining high energy levels through a workout.

Many people comment on the taste of soy protein compared to whey. Whey is quite sweet and creamy, while soy powder does taste earthier. But Etixx’s chocolate protein has a pleasant flavour to it.

Personally, it did actually make me feel fuller than a traditional whey shake, so ideal for anyone who uses the product for a meal replacement.