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26th Jun 2015

Shoulders: Strongman training for bodybuilders with British athlete Colin Jones

Ben Kenyon

Colin Jones is a different breed of strongman.

The British powerhouse isn’t your typical big-bellied behemoth like Robert Oberst or Benni Magnusson.

He’s got the physique of a bodybuilder like five-time World’s Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski – but he’s got the strength to back it up.

Jones has a traditional bodybuilding style of training but throws in strongman moves into his training plan.

His unique methods have seen him build one-rep max lifts of 350kg on deadlift, 300kg on squat and a 170kg push press

With strongman events growing in popularity and the sport becoming more accessible to your average gym-goer, JOE met up with the 30-year-old athlete to see how he trains.

Our four-part Strongman Training for Bodybuilders series looks at how you can add strongman elements to your traditional training plan to improve your physique.

Part 1 looked at some key chest moves that Jones uses in his training – now Part 2 of the series looks at shoulder exercises.

Jones talks us through the log press, the single arm dumbbell press and the Viking press to blast your delts like a strongman.