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02nd Apr 2015

Munching McDonald’s after a workout ‘as good as’ sports supplements, study finds

If anything gets you down the gym, it'll be a Big Mac and fries...

Could McDonald’s be about to become the next big sports supplement for all those hardcore gym-heads?

Laugh if you want, but scientists have just discovered fast food is ‘no different’ to all these jazzy powders and potions you’re buying to recover after a tough workout.

No really…


A study had one lot of athletes eating energy bars and another lot scoffing McDonald’s after a 90-minute workout.

Boffins then fed the athletes more hamburgers, fries and coke several hours later and made both groups do a 20km exercise bike ride as fast as possible.

No contest you might think, but wait…

The scientists found athletes completed the time trial just as quickly eating fast food (no pun intended) and actually had slightly higher muscle glycogen (the key energy source for muscles from carbohydrates) than the supplement-taking group.

There was no difference in insulin, glucose, cholesterol or triglycerides either.

Say What?

Yet more great news for McDonald’s fans, after trials began on the all-day breakfast.

This is what winning feels like.

(H/T Real Clear Science)