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26th Apr 2019

Larry Wheels is at it again, making 105 kg dumbbells look like peanuts

Yes, the man who bench pressed with TWO 110 kg barbells in each hand is up to his old tricks again. Larry wheels makes these humongous dumbbells look easy

Alex Roberts

Yes, the man who bench pressed with TWO 110 kg barbells in each hand is up to his old tricks again

Larry Wheels is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the weightlifting world, and with lifts such as this staggering bench press effort, it’s clear why he’s become so popular.

Wheels was back in the gym earlier this week, this time making mammoth 105 kg dumbbells look like peanuts.

The American was performing the incline dumbbell press – a great lift for building your upper pecs.

Dumbbells of the weight Wheels is shifting may be another world away at the moment, and there’s no shame in that – this man is one of the strongest around.

However, to get the most out of the incline dumbbell press in general, work these form tips into your routine to avoid injury and maximise muscle gain.

  • Grip two dumbbells of equal weight with your palms facing upwards
  • Hold the dumbbells just outside shoulder level, with your elbows flared out
  • Press both dumbbells upwards, moving them in towards each other
  • The weights don’t have to touch at the top, but they do need to finish above your upper chest
  • Squeeze your pecs at the top of the lift and then lower the weights in a controlled fashion to the beginning
  • Don’t fully lock the elbows out at the top of the lift – this maintains tension on the pecs and takes it off the joints

Your upper chest can prove to be a tricky area to target when training. The incline dumbbell press isn’t the only exercise should you include in your arsenal.

Some of the best alternatives to the incline press are: the incline barbell press, the reverse grip bench press and the low pulley cable flye.

This is why they’re so effective.

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