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25th Aug 2015

Joel Corry shows how to get in championship-winning shape in this new documentary (Video)

Ben Kenyon

We all want to be in better shape – but DJ Joel Corry has taken it to the next level.

The JOE fitness columnist and former Geordie Shore star was already in sharp shape to begin with – but the man cranked it up a notch to compete in the Miami Pro Fitness contest.

Joel has been taking us through how he gets in shape, why leg training is important and how he sculpted his medal-winning quads and hamstrings.

But now the JOE writer has shown us the finer details of his Miami Pro body transformation from meal plans, supplements, training and fitting it around his jet-set lifestyle.

The dedication it takes is admirable. Prepare to be blitzed by some training knowledge bombs…

Image credit: Christopher Bailey