Zack from Saved By The Bell looks absolutely nothing like this now 4 years ago

Zack from Saved By The Bell looks absolutely nothing like this now

Boys wanted to be him and girls wanted to be with him.

No not BananaMan, we're talking about Zack Morris from classic 90s American show Saved By The Bell.

The floppy blonde hair, the cheeky grin and that effortless cool that us British school kids could only dream of ever possessing.

Along with his best pal Slater, they ruled Bayside High and were always pulling off mad schemes just one step away from Principal Belding.

So much time has passed since the glory days of Saved By the Bell.

The guy who played Zach, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, has done some serious growing up, got rid of the blond mop, grown a beard and got some wrinkles along the way.

FOX 2016 Upfront - Arrivals

But when 42-year-old Mark was photographed for his new role on Fox's new show 'Pitch', we've got to admit, we didn't even recognise him.

He plays a veteran baseball player in the drama which is about the story of a female player who makes it to the major leagues.

FOX 2016 Upfront - Arrivals

He has apparently not completely ruled out a reboot of the classic school sitcom, we just need a script.

"To do a full show, I don't know if that’s something that any of us would really want to be a part of, he told the Tonight Show.

"I could be wrong, but we haven't ever been approached with scripts or material, so I don’t know."