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15th Apr 2017

Young comedian absolutely stunned Amanda Holden with his joke on Britain’s Got Talent

Paul Moore

To be fair, she took it really well.

Eight-year-old comedian Ned Woodman was one of the many contestants that wanted to make an impression on the Britain’s Got Talent panel and it’s fair to say that his audition will be remembered, especially by Amanda Holden.

Audiences were all thinking the same thing as Ned approached the stage. Here comes a quiet, confident and unassuming young man that won’t say anything too controversial or scathing.

In fact, Amanda Holden even remarked to Alicia Dixon that she “loves him already” as Ned steadied himself and prepared his opening gag.

How wrong we were!

Clip via – Britain’s Got Talent


As you can see by Holden’s reply on Twitter, she was more than happy to be the butt of the joke.

Well, Ned, you’ve got to top that one now!