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30th Apr 2018

Will Ferrell goes full Ron Burgundy as he announces the LA team in bizarre fashion

Paul Moore

Champ Kind would be proud. Whammy!

We all know that the Channel 4 News Team is a tight-knit crew but there have been moments when San Diego’s finest news team threatened to fall apart. Of course, Ron’s trickiest situation came when Veronica Corningstone first arrived and ushered in a new age of diversity, but things have gotten pretty hairy on the news desk before.

We all know how Ron reacts whenever somebody else reads his news, and we reckon that Champ Kind would also lose the plot if someone ever touched the sports headlines. Hell, we’re not going to mess with a man who’s “all about havin’ fun. You know, get a couple cocktails in me, start a fire in someone’s kitchen. Maybe go to SeaWorld, take my pants off.” What a pro.

Anyways, Will Ferell is now a responsible businessman – yes, he genuinely because he owns a stake in the MLS’ latest franchise LA FC – and the star of Anchorman saw Bob Bradley’s side pick up a dramatic win in their recent match against the Seattle Sounders.

Laurent Ciman’s stoppage time free-kick might have grabbed the headlines but Ferell’s pre-match introduction is pure box-office.

Given the fondness that various channels have for hyping up every single football match as “Super Mega Unmissable Match of the Century Galactic Showdown with Sprinkles on Top Sunday,” it’s refreshing to see Ferrell’s ‘no fucks given’ approach to hyping up a match.

Take a look as he reads out the starting XI.

Kudos goes to any man that can look cool while holding a falcon.

This being said, this image seems like it’s fairly normal for the star of Old School and Blades of Glory. What a hero.