Amber Heard explains why people do not believe her in Johnny Depp trial 2 months ago

Amber Heard explains why people do not believe her in Johnny Depp trial

The support seems to have been largely in Depp's corner thus far

Since the allegations began, many have been wondering why people don't seem to believe Amber Heard. Now, the 36-year-old actor has had her say on why she thinks this is - suggesting it's a simple matter of profile and reputation.


Speaking during cross-examination last week, the Aquaman star responded to Camille Vasquez's suggestion that the intended donation of her divorce settlement money to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was for “praise...good press” and to “seem altruistic publicly” by stating “that wasn’t my interest.”

After a clip of Heard discussing the settlement on Dutch TV show, RTL Late Night, was played to the court, The Rum Diary actor went on to say: “My interest is in my name – in clearing my name. At the time, I was being called a ‘liar’ and my motives were being questioned. I did see it as important to clear that up.


“I wanted to make a statement to make sure there was not any doubt. That I couldn’t be labelled these things just because Johnny was the bigger star and had more publicity reach.”

The pledge itself, estimated to have been worth $3.5m (£2.8m), still isn't thought to have been completed and Heard could reportedly even face perjury charges after claiming that she was going to donate her entire $7m (£5.6m) divorce payment.

Depp's lawyers have already accused Heard of putting on "the performance of her life" - a suggestion the defendant's counsel obviously rubbished and condemned - but beyond her own legal team, the likes of her acting coach have come out to insist her visible distress and emotion is indeed real.

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