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30th Aug 2022

Amber Heard’s sister slams Johnny Depp’s VMAs appearance

Danny Jones

‘I really hope that none of the people that made this call have daughters’

Amber Heard‘s sister Whitney has hit out at MTV following a surprise appearance by Johnny Depp during the VMAs (Video Music Award) this weekend.

Taking to social media, the 34-year-old sibling took expressed her anger with the network for green-lighting Depp’s pre-recorded VMAs cameo, which comes just a few months after his defamation victory against her older sister.

As you can see in the Instagram story posted on Sunday, Whitney labels MTV “disgusting and clearly desperate”, adding that she “really hope[s] that none of the people that made this call have daughters”, along with the #IStandWithAmberHeard hashtag.

While Heard, 36, has recently overhauled her legal team in preparation for an appeal against the ruling, her 59-year-old ex-husband has been busy touring with Jeff Beck before rounding off his summer of music by popping up as a ‘moonman’ during the popular award ceremony.

While some fans were delighted to see him make his first televised appearance since the trial, others echoed Whitney’s sentiment that they felt it was either inappropriate or bad timing, at the very least.

One user wrote: “Johnny Depp – a proven abuser – being at the VMAs making jokes is exactly why abuse victims don’t come forward and why the toxic culture of intimate partner violent persists. The entertainment industry is truly irredeemable.”

On the night, Depp’s message joked: “I just want you guys to know that I’m available for birthdays, bar-mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, weddings, wakes…anything old thing you need”. Although it was met with cheers during the broadcast, some claim the crowd’s reaction was edited in afterwards.

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