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24th Jul 2018

Love Island fans noticed a major mistake when Wes took the lie detector test


Cathy Donohue


The Love Island challenge people have been waiting for, aka the lie detector test, happened last night and needless to say, there was major drama.

Dani and Jack didn’t fare too well in the challenge and there was great upset, see more on that here but considering people think it’s all a major fix, maybe they shouldn’t be too worried.

However, there was a rather obvious mistake during the test itself and it happened when Kaz and Wes were in the room.

Basically, the buzzer went off before Wes even sat down prompting viewers to point out that the test wasn’t exactly working as it should be.

Fair point, it’s only supposed to buzz in response to questions and only when contestants are actually sitting in the chair.

Considering Wes was still standing, it’s a bit of a fail.

Aside from pointing out the obvious discrepancy, people thought it was pretty funny all the same.

Others think it’s all part of the plan the producers have to stir thing up, could they be on to something?

In general, people think the lie detector itself wasn’t up to much. Note, this observation about Alex.


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