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12th Sep 2015

Watch Thomas Turgoose’s first audition to play This Is England’s Shaun a whole 10 years ago…


This Is England ’90 kicks off at 9pm on Sunday and we can’t wait to see what’s in store during the final instalment of the series – especially after meeting the cast recently.

But ahead of the new show, here’s a flashback to the auditions for its inaugural run in 2006 – with a doe-eyed 13-year-old Thomas Turgoose casting for the character of Shaun Field.

In the clip, young Thomas talks about going on holiday to Ireland – well, it wasn’t a “proper” holiday – and cycling around Grimsby with his mates. He’s also a big Man United fan, naming Cristiano Ronaldo as his favourite player.

The kid was clearly a natural and, now 23, we’re looking forward to him reprising his role as Shaun this Sunday…