WATCH: New trailer for Detective Pikachu contains 100% pure nightmare fuel 3 years ago

WATCH: New trailer for Detective Pikachu contains 100% pure nightmare fuel

What the hell is that thing?

If you thought Will Smith's blue-tinted genie in the Aladdin trailer was the most terrifying thing to emerge from Hollywood's hype machine lately, think again.


You may well be aware that Pikachu, the loveable yellow fictional creature that effectively serves as the chief icon of the Pokémon saga, is set to be the subject of a major new movie.

Inspired by the Nintendo 3DS game of the same name, Detective Pikachu places the little rascal in a Sherlock Holmes-type guise (complete with the appropriate attire) in order to solve a devious scheme.

Ryan Reynolds is on motion capture and vocal duties, with a mix of live action and CGI on the menu. If you missed the first look a few months back, check that out here.


Detective Pikachu lands on 10 May, and the latest clip is quite arresting in that there is a moment that will likely you keep you awake at night.

The above shot of the main man (is Pikachu male?) is weird enough, but that's nothing.

Here's the trailer, prepare yourselves for about 12 seconds in:


Clip via Warner Bros. Pictures

So, yeah, what the hell is this?

Detective Pikachu

For those not in the know, the above is Lickitung, a reasonably-named fellow with a tongue twice as long as its body.


Below you'll find an image that is significantly more wholesome:


Image via Bulbapedia

And yet the movie has gone for 'please god make it stop', so fair enough.

Here, have a never-ending gif of the thing, you might as well.