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09th Jan 2017

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon’s opening speech at the Golden Globes didn’t exactly go to plan

What do you do when the autocue fails? A bad Chris Rock impression, apparently

Paul Moore

We did enjoy the part with Jon Snow and Stranger Things though.

Hosting an event like the Golden Globes must be an incredibly nervous affair because the eyes of the world are on you. Jimmy Fallon was the man responsible for keeping Hollywood’s finest entertained at The Beverly Hilton and his opening musical number was really good.

Clearly inspired by the record breaking La La Land, Fallon launched into an all singing and dancing musical that featured a bevy of stars.

We really liked the homage to Mr Robot, the moment when Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) wakes up in the limo and the whole Stranger Things segment.

Maybe that whole Justice for Barb thing can stop now?

All this without mentioning the moments when Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake completely take the piss out of themselves. Take a look.

Ok, so Fallon was off to a pretty strong start but the producers of the show must have been cursing their luck when the teleprompter crashed. The magic of Hollywood, eh?

Without any autocue, Falllon had to improvise and he did so by asking for the producers to cut to an image of Justin Timerblake before launching into a very strange impression of Chris Rock.

Take a look.