Watch Disclosure's slick video to new track Omen 6 years ago

Watch Disclosure's slick video to new track Omen

Disclosure have premiered their new song with pal Sam Smith.

Brothers Howard and Guy have unveiled 'Omen', the latest single to be taken from their upcoming second studio album Caracal.


Speaking on BBC Radio 1, Sam Smith said: "I'm so proud of (this song) and I'm so proud to be on the record. It's such an incredible record, but for me, just to be able to make music with my friends and release it in this organic, beautiful way is just amazing."

Sharing a picture on Instagram, he added: "Can't contain my excitement I hope you all love it (sic)."

It's not as catchy as their last collaboration Latch, but their expensive-looking video, set in a theatre, reminiscent of the famous hedonist nightclub The Box, is a must-watch.

Be warned, though, the story takes a sinister turn at the end...