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15th Jan 2017

Watch Alec Baldwin mock the latest bizarre Donald Trump stories on SNL

We wonder how he'll react to this one.

Tom Victor

If you thought the latest stories involving Donald Trump were above parody, you’d be wrong.

There might be an argument that the headlines relating to Russia are so bizarre that any attempt at a piss-take (pun intended) would not come close to the act itself.

But Alec Baldwin did his darnedest to make it work.

The actor has rolled out his Trump impression many a time on Saturday Night Live, and did so again this weekend, opening by saying “Yes, this is real life. Yes, this is really happening”.

In fact, SNL used the sketch to open this weekend’s show. And if we’re being honest, we can see why it was hard for them to begin in any other way.

Featuring jokes about paid applause, Trump’s sons, the calibre of artist he can attract to the inauguration, and of course his “big Russian pee-pee party”.

Is one of the most popular shows in America, with a rich history and responsibility for the career breakthroughs of some of the country’s best comedians, above resorting to pee jokes? Of course not.

Based on Trump’s reaction to previous Saturday Night Live sketches poking fun at his impending presidency, we somehow doubt he’ll be on board with this one.