Very sad news for anyone who still owns a Playstation 2 3 years ago

Very sad news for anyone who still owns a Playstation 2

Your Playstation 2 is living on borrowed time.

First of all, if you've managed to keep your Playstation functioning until now, congratulations. You are definitely the kind of person we would lend a book to.


Secondly, we've got bad news. Sony will be discontinuing its "aftercare" repair service for the PS2, meaning that if your PS2 does break down, as it likely will, then you are on your own.

A press release, originally published by Kotaku, announced the impending end of the aftercare service. The deadline for filling out online forms for repairs was 31 August, and the deadline for machines reaching the PlayStation Clinic is 7 September. Any consoles sent after that date will not be serviced.

On the bright side, if you've got a working PS2, then its value is probably higher than ever.

Anyone who owns a PS2 might still be able to find some joy if they can find a specialist, but now might be a time for all those people to stop living in the past anyway...

The PlayStation 2, first released in 2000, is the world's most successful console, having sold more than 150 million units worldwide.