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06th Nov 2016

Twitter is losing its shit over the ‘yellow crazy ants’ on Planet Earth 2

Well this was unexpected.

Tom Victor

If 2016 has taught us anything, and that’s debatable, it’s that people care about animals as much as they care about humans. Maybe more.

We saw it with this weekend’s penguin war, and it’s happened again with the latest episode of the David Attenborough-narrated ‘Planet Earth 2’.

Now, we’re not sure if you had ‘ants vs crabs’ in your sweepstake for how the world will end. But if you did, you might well be on to something on the strength of this.

In short, the segment on the show involved red crabs being attacked by yellow crazy ants on Christmas Island.

Sounds fairly mundane, but it’s not.

If you wanted an idea of the drama, all you needed to do was to look at Twitter when shit started to get real.

Perhaps we should have seen this all coming, though. I mean, they are literally called ‘Yellow Crazy Ants’.

But for some people the bloodshed and violence just wasn’t enough.

Some people just like to sit back and watch the world burn.

The clip is yet to surface in full online, so for the time being why not restore some measure of calm with the series trailer, with much more peace and far fewer ant attacks.

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