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07th Apr 2016

The “David Brent: Life On The Road” trailer is finally here and it’s well worth watching

I'm a friend first...

Paul Moore

It’s “cumin” soon.

We’ve frequently wondered what David Brent has been doing in the 13 years since he spectacularly told Finchy to ‘f**k off’ on his way out of Wernham Hogg Paper Company but it seems that we’ve finally got an answer.

The world’s most popular boss looks like he’s been enjoying all that freelove on the freelove freeway because he’s back in a new film ‘David Brent: Life On The Road’ and the first trailer is absolutely hilarious.

Screw any summer music festivals that you have planned because there’s only one musician worth seeing on 19 August.

Take a look.

Clip via – Entertainment One UK