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26th Feb 2020

Tom Holland’s guide to being a good big brother

Wil Jones

“Little brothers are annoying. They just are.”

Tom Holland is best known for playing Spider-Man – but he has now made the move from Marvel to Pixar, as he lends his voice to the god-like animation studio’s latest movie Onward.

Set in a world filled with magical spells and fantastical creatures, Onward follows the exploits of bickering teenage elf brothers Ian (Holland) and Barley (his MCU co-star Chris Pratt). Their father died before Ian was born, but a strange turn of events give them a chance at reuniting with their dad and sends them off on a wild adventure.

IRL, Tom Holland is the big sibling to three younger brothers, so we grilled on the best things about being a big brother – and the stupidest fights the foursome ever got into growing up.

He also spoke about how co-star Chris Pratt has become a big brother to him, both on and off-screen.

Onward previews in UK cinemas on 29 February, and is on general release 6 March.