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20th Nov 2015

Tom Hanks tells the story of where his iconic Forrest Gump voice came from (Video)

This is very clever...

Ben Kenyon

When you think of the greatest films of all time Forrest Gump will no doubt be among them.

It’s 21 years old but it’s still as funny, clever, heartfelt and inspiring as it was when it was first released back in 1994.

Tom Hanks won an Oscar for the portrayal of Gump – the slow-witted but good-hearted Alabama boy who grew up to be a war hero, ping-pong champion, shrimp boat millionaire.

But of all the things that stick with you about this classic is Forrest Gump’sĀ iconic Deep South accent.

From ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’ to ‘Sh*t happens’ you could probably recite every quote from the whole damn thing.

Hanks told the story behind his character’s unique accent on the Graham Norton Show…and he can still absolutely nail it after all these years…

Clip via The Graham Norton Show


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