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21st Jun 2017

This Theresa May Fields of Wheat game is the naughtiest thing you will do today

This is surprisingly addictive

Simon Lloyd

Great news, procrastination fans.

Instead of wasting your day doing anything remotely productive, there’s now a surprisingly addictive game that allows you to recreate the naughtiest moments of Theresa May’s childhood.

Ahead of the General Election, May confessed to ITV’s Julie Etchingham that she had run through fields of wheat as a kid – much to the annoyance of local farmers.

In recognition of this, an internet-based game has been created.

Its aim is simple: using nothing but the direction arrows on your keyboard (or by swiping right or left on your smartphone) guide May as far as you possibly can through a field of wheat, navigating your way past an army of Jeremy Corbyn scarecrows as you go.

A counter in the bottom right corner allows you to see how far you’ve managed to guide the PM through the field, with the speed gradually increasing the further she goes.

If, God forbid, you do collide with a Corbyn scarecrow, your run is over.

You’ll definitely do better than this feeble effort…

To play the game, which reminds us very much of Temple Run in its format, you need to visit, which can be done by clicking here

The very best of luck.