This is what the kid from Dennis the Menace is up to these days 3 years ago

This is what the kid from Dennis the Menace is up to these days

Remember Dennis the Menace?

No, not this Dennis the Menace:


We're talking about the 1993 American live-action Dennis the Menace, initially launched here as just Dennis to avoid confusion with the totally unrelated UK comic strip of the same name (see above).


With us now? Well that Dennis was played by a guy called Mason Gamble. At the age of six, he reportedly beat 20,000 other auditionees to land the part, and in doing so became one of those classic 90s child actors who was in loads of things and then seemingly disappeared.

Thanks to the wonderful world of YouTube, you can actually watch that audition tape now.

Gamble also starred in 1996's espionage spoof, Spy Hard (get it?), as well as Bad Moon and the Wes Anderson classic Rushmore.

spy hard

We know what you're wondering: what the hell is Mason Gamble up to these days? Well, it's your lucky day. Now aged 30, his website explains that his more recent work includes a one-off appearance in CSI: Miami (2006) and a film adaptation of  a novel called Golf in the Kingdom.


Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 12.19.08

Not so menacing anymore is he?