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07th Feb 2017

This guy made a load of hilarious fake albums and snuck them into a music store

Would 100% buy and listen to on repeat.

Rich Cooper

‘Genius’ is a word that gets bandied about a lot. Not here. This guy is a fucking genius.

Going by the name ‘obviousplant‘ on Imgur (though it appears his name is actually Stephen), this guy has been creating all manner of amusing fakery for a while now, with these fake CDs being his latest project.

It’s a shame no one buys CDs anymore, or else we’d be the first in line to stock up on the latest hits from obviousplant.

He’s got music for everyone, even dads!



The Beastie Boys had some good songs, but they needed a remix



Ahh, what could be better to relax to?



Looking for the soundtrack to your death? Then look no further!




The crooner you know, the shrieking you don’t



And inside each album was this little bonus

We’ll say it again: genius.

All images: obviousplant