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07th Jul 2017

This Friends DVD cover is spawning some crazy fan theories

What does Rachel know that we don't?

Wil Jones

Friends may have bowed out over a decade ago, but thanks to endless reruns it still remains a rock of modern pop culture.

People are still obsessed with the show, working out how much coffee the characters drunk, or coming up with strange theories about the ending. Now a new mystery has emerged – but it’s from one of the show’s DVD covers.

Twitter user Ted Fox tweeted a snap of the fourth season DVD, and asked an important question: Why is Rachel the only one with her eyes open?

Does she know something the others don’t? Is she plotting to kill them while they sleep? Why does it look like she’s staring directly at us?

Other people started chipping in with theories:


Some of the responses took a dark turn.


Of course, someone made the obvious joke.


But this was the most heartwarming.