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19th Jun 2017

Dark theory for alternate Friends ending is criticised by the show’s creator

We'll be there for you when you read this twisted theory

Darragh Berry

You may want to sit down for this one.

It’s hard to believe but Friends has been finished now for 13 years and has been off the air for a longer period of time than it was on the air.

Well, when I say off-air, I mean production of Friends has stopped but the sitcom will probably never leave our television screens and that is why it’s so hard to believe it’s been well over a decade since it finished.

Friends continues to grow and with countless re-runs being aired every day, it means that people who weren’t even born when it finished in 2004, are now becoming fans of the show.

The show’s ending is regarded as one of the best finales in television history and it’s easy to see why. The Ross and Rachel will-they-won’t-they saga, the surprise for Chandler and Monica and the iconic closing shots of the gang as they depart for a cup of coffee in their second home, Central Perk.

However, one Twitter user did not want to accept that as the ‘true’ ending of Friends and proposed an alternative ending back in 2015 which went viral.

With the handle, @strnks, they stated that all ten seasons of the show were merely all in Pheobe’s imagination who projected herself into the lives of the other five because all she ever wanted was Friends.

You can read the heartbreaking and dark theory below…

Speaking exclusively to ET online, Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman was asked if she had heard of the darkly twisted theory and if so, what did she think of it.

“That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard,” said Kauffman who has surely heard plenty of other Friends fan theories down through the years.

She added “No, I never heard that — that’s a terrible theory. That’s insane!” she revealed. “That’s, like, that’s like crazy alt-television theory. Wow,” before concluding “I just think that someone needs a life. Someone needs a life, that’s all I’m saying.”