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30th Jun 2017

Someone spent too much time figuring out which of the Friends drank the most coffee

That's a lot of coffee

Rory Cashin

To be fair, the cast of Friends did seem to drink a lot of coffee.

Central Perk were probably able to make a healthy profit based just on the six of them and any of the unfortunates who wandered into their caffeinated orbit.

The funny thing is, even after all of these years, people are still really thirsty to learn more about Rachel and Ross, Joey and Chandler, Phoebe and Monica, even though you’d reckon we knew everything there was to know about them already.

We would have guessed that since she worked in a coffee shop, Rachel would’ve been the biggest coffee drinker, but it turns out she was dead last.

That does go some way to explain Phoebe’s jittery nature. The author of the study did also go some way to explaining their findings:

They also worked out over the course of the show how much they spent on a cup of coffee in Central Perk ($1.50), how much they’d tip (20%), and even worked out the average of coffee consumption of the ten seasons.

You can see a sharp drop from everyone as the show went on.