This brilliant Saturday Night Live Donald Trump sketch is half hilarious, half terrifying 5 years ago

This brilliant Saturday Night Live Donald Trump sketch is half hilarious, half terrifying

If there is one small upside of someone like Donald Trump winning the presidency, it's that he is manna from heaven for satirists (I know - not much of an upside, but hey, we've got to find some silver lining in all this).

And few do it better than the guys at Saturday Night Live.


This week Alec Baldwin returned to the show and kicked it off with his on-point Donald Trump impression as we got an insight into how the President elect is preparing for office.

His campaign manager Kellyanne Conway is played by Kate McKinnon - who has been better known to SNL viewers as Hilary Clinton during the long election.


"Kellyanne, can I just say something? I want to thank you for all you've done - I wouldn't be president without you," Baldwin says.

"I think about that every day," says McKinnon with perfect timing.

Baldwin's Trump is shown meeting the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, General Dunlop, who is thrilled Trump has been elected, and can't wait to hear his secret plan to defeat ISIS.

"That's right. A plan. Very secret," a panicked Baldwin replies, before asking Google and then Siri "What is ISIS?" before repeating his calming mantra "Big beautiful boobs and buildings, big beautiful boobs and buildings."


And things only get worse from there as many of Trumps key campaign pledges are explored, including his promise to bring back all the coal mining jobs, build a wall on the Mexican border, repeal Obamacare and imprison Hilary Clinton.

He meets his vice-president Mike Pence who tells him "being President is not going to be easy, but we'll get through it, if we work hard, together."

Baldwin replies: "Mike, you're going to do everything, right?"

It would be funny if it wasn't quite so frightening...


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