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26th Jun 2017

This Love Island conspiracy theory is so far-fetched we really hope it’s true

Dear Love Island Gods, please make this be true...

Laura Holland

This is bonkers.

One of the most popular shows so far this summer has to be Love Island.

There’s no point pretending you’re not watching – we know that you are. EVERYONE is watching. Even Liam Gallagher.

We’ve already analysed the show to within an inch of its life; looked at Mike’s Football manager stats; and detailed one clever person’s account of what kind of football career each contestant would have had.

Most of the contestants on the show are unknown, except for Camilla, of course, who may or may not have dated Prince Harry (probably not). “A lady never tells”, were her exact words when asked if the rumours were true, safe in the knowledge that this ‘rumour’ is her celebrity meal ticket for the next few months.

But while we’re only just getting to know all of the singletons, people think they already know Jonny.

There’s a new conspiracy theory that suggests that Jonny is actually Will Young in disguise.

This is a rumour so very good that we can’t help but wish that it’s true…