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25th Jun 2017

Why *of course* Liam Gallagher is a Love Island fan…

Refreshingly honest


Liam Gallagher made his solo Glastonbury debut on Saturday.

Playing The Other Stage – the second biggest at the festival site – the former Oasis frontman drew a huge crowd.

Prior to his performance, he spoke to Radio 2’s Jo Whiley, making it instantly clear that he was very excited  to back performing at the festival. Given his excitement, you might have mistakenly believed that he spent the Friday night fully immersing himself in the music of some of his fellow performers. Actually, this wasn’t the case…

Asked by Whiley if he’d watched any of the previous day’s performances, he said: “I watched Dizzee Rascal from my room. It was alright. ”

Whiley then attempted to ask if he’d watched any other artists. He had not.

“Then I watched Love Island,” Liam added.

“I can’t believe you watched Love Island,” replied Whiley.

“Without a doubt,” Liam said. “That’s what goes on man. I’ve had four years of doing nothing. I’ve got to do something. Now I’ve gone to the dark side and Love Island it is.”

The full interview, which contains all of the above and the line “People who get scared should go and work in a Post Office,” can be heard below.