There's a way to get access to FIFA 17 a whole week early 5 years ago

There's a way to get access to FIFA 17 a whole week early

The world is counting down the days until the full release of the new FIFA 17...and September 29 can't come soon enough.

We've been pacing the office and chalking off the days until the official release date of the brand new iteration of the legendary football game.


Everyone has been drilling the demo version of the game to death after it was made available online by EA last week.

But now we want the real thing and we want it now. If you're having a hard time with all this waiting around to get stuck into the new-look game, which features the revolutionary new Frostbite Engine, there's a way you can get your hands on it.

The first way is if you live in America where the game comes out two days earlier on September 27...but sadly most of us don't live anywhere near the good old US of A.


However there's another way of starting the game early. EA Access members on Xbox One and PC can play the new FIFA a whole week earlier than the official release day thanks to a 10-hour Play First Trial starting September 22.

While this is a real Brucey Bonus for anyone itching to get a head start on our FIFA-playing mates, there is a slight catch.

Unlike previous years, you will only be afforded access to Ultimate Team and a part of the new single-player Journey mode...with Alex Hunter.

Anyone who is an EA Access member will get a 10 per cent discount when buying a digital copy of the game on XBox Live. Origin Access members also get the same amount off when they buy it through Origin.


EA Access costs £3.99 per month, or a lump payment of £19.99 for the year.

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