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23rd May 2019

The worst television show of all time ends for good tonight

The worst sitcom of all time airs for the final time tonight after 12 long, painfully unfunny seasons stretching back to 2007

Rejoice, our hell is over

Arguably the worst sitcom of all time, The Big Bang Theory, will air its final episode tonight.

The show about clever people for people who think they’re clever but are actually stupid first dumped itself on our screens in 2007 and hung around for 12 years like a really bad fart.

After 280 episodes, it will finally be gone. Well, no new episodes will be made. Obviously, endless re-runs of the show will air for years to come. So, if you happen to like the show, you’ll be able to watch endless dialogue that you don’t understand – the show’s only joke – between a group of scientists and the clichéd dumb blonde. Somehow that genius premise earned 52 Emmy nominations and 10 wins over its 12-year life.

The Big Bang Theory finale will air tonight on E4 at 8pm.