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23rd Sep 2015

The Wolf of Wall Street is only f**king third in the list of sweariest films ever

'kin hell

Simon Lloyd

Those that have watched The Wolf of Wall Street can testify to its incredibly sweary script.

With Leonardo Di Caprio and the rest of its cast dropping the f-bomb 569 times throughout the film, it’s no surprise that it’s found its way into a list of the top 10 films by use of the word f**k.

But the Martin Scorsese film falls well short of top spot. In fact, the film that sits in first place has nearly double the amount of f**ks in it.

The ‘honour’ goes to Swearnet: the Movie – a 2014 Canadian comedy which tells the tale of some comedians creating a fully uncensored network on the internet.

Amusingly, Swearnet even beat a documentary-film about swearing into second place.

Here’s the top 10 films, published by Family Media Group, with the numbers of f**ks in each film:

  1. Swearnet: the Movie, 935

  2. F**k – a documentary on the word, 857

  3. The Wolf of Wall Street, 569

  4. Summer of Sam, 435

  5. Nil by Mouth, 428

  6. Casino, 422

  7. Alpha Dog, 367

  8. End of Watch, 326

  9. Twin Town, 318

  10. Running Scared, 315

It might well have missed out on the top spot on this particular list, but given that The Wolf of Wall Street was such big hit, we’d imaging its cast don’t really give a f**k.