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28th Jul 2021

The Mash Report has been saved from cancellation by Dave

Kieran Galpin

Mash Report

The Mash Report is returning!

Running from 2017 to 2020, the Mash Report was a refreshing take on an overly saturated news market. Through satirical comedy, host Nish Kumar was able to offer surreal takes on the biggest world news. The nation was heartbroken when it was cancelled, but now, it is back with a vengeance on a new network.

Recorded in front of a live studio audience, The Mash Report addressed some of the country’s biggest issues. From Me Too, to Meghan Markle, to the far right and cancel culture, the show was loved for its original hot takes on topics sometimes seen as overdone.

Television Network Dave, who hosts much-loved shows like Taskmaster, released a tweet this morning to break the news. Layering peoples pleas on top of one another, Dave built a collage of people begging for the Mash Report to be picked up.

“Coming back on Dave, really? Alright, fine I guess,” says Kumar as the camera cuts to him.

When the BBC initially cancelled the show, there was a huge outcry from loyal fans. Many claimed that of course, the BBC would cancel something that criticises the government.

The BBC said: “We are very proud of The Mash Report but in order to make room for new comedy shows we sometimes have to make difficult decisions and it won’t be returning.

“We would like to thank all those involved in four brilliant series and hope to work with Nish Kumar, Rachel Parris and the team in the future.”

Regardless of why it was cancelled, the Mash Report is finally returning. Hopefully, Kumar and his team of incredible comedians can shed some comedic light on the latest news and controversy.

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