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30th Mar 2018

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 81

Can you get the full 25/25 this week?

Rich Cooper

Brought to you by Knowledge is Power

Bank holiday, is it?

Yeah? And? You think that means you’re taking a day off from quizzing? You think we’re taking a day off from quizzing? You must be out of your tree, mate. You’ve got your melon in a twist. Have a lie down. Nothing stops the quiz. Not even popular demand will stop this quiz.

Round One is Fictional Creatures, which may traipse over into the realm of Mythological Creatures at times. If you’ve got a problem with that, phone your MP. I’m not telling you what Round Two is.

Round Three is Geography, brought to you by Knowledge is Power, the brilliant PlayLink quiz game for PS4, which uses phones as controllers – all the questions are taken from the game.

The Picture Round this week is Sidekicks, where you have to name the sidekick by looking at a picture of the sidekick – it’s Sidekicks! And then it’s the Ford Mondeo of quiz rounds, General Knowledge.

Please quiz responsibly.

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