The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 287 3 months ago

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 287

Happy Friday again

An especially warm welcome to those of you who lost your minds at the sight of the sun this week and decided to whip out the shorts and/or the barbecue. You hardy souls, convincing yourself it was much warmer than it actually was.


We respect you.

It's the Oscars this weekend, a major day in the entertainment calendar that we should probably care about more but sort of don't because most of the films we like or watch don't get nominated.

Nevertheless, we've given you a full round on it. Unlike most acceptance speeches at the awards, we'll wrap this up promptly because you've got better things to do - like the JOE Friday Pub Quiz.


*cue applause*

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I want to thank the academy. The JOE Friday Pub Quiz really is a team effort - we're a family here and it wouldn't be possible without all of you lot who play.


Thank you and goodnight.

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