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27th Jun 2017

The cult-classic Tremors is coming back and the news keeps on getting better

Paul Moore

One of the finest horror-comedies of all-time is returning.

Before Shaun of the Dead or Zombieland made horror-comedies a hot property in Hollywood, the ’80s and early ’90s saw a host of wonderful films that managed to perfectly balance laughs and gore.

Evil Dead II, Gremlins, An American Werewolf in London, The Lost Boys, Fright Night, The ‘Burbs, Critters and many more are fine examples of horror-comedies that still stand the test of time, but another title that falls into this genre is the cult-classic Tremors.

If you haven’t seen it yet then you’re in for a treat. The story revolves around a group of people that live in  a small isolated town that are forced to defend themselves against strange creatures that are killing them one by one.

Truth be told, the sequels never matched the standards of the first, but we’re delighted to say that Kevin Bacon will be returning to Perfection, Nevada because he’s starring in the pilot episode of the new TV show.

Yes, that’s right.  Everyone’s favourite repairman, Valentine McKee, will be attempting to save the town again.

If that doesn’t get horror fans excited then they’ll be delighted to know that Jason Blum is also involved with the project. In case you’re unaware, he’s the mastermind behind films like Insidious, The Purge and Paranormal Activity – so it’s safe to say that he knows how to make a hit.

As for the plot, the Tremors TV show will pick up 25 years after the events of the film, which saw Bacon’s character fighting giant, worm-like monsters who eat human flesh. We’ll always call them graboids!

It seems like the show is going down the route of Ash vs Evil Dead because we’ll also get to see Valentine battling age, alcohol and a delusional hero complex.

“This is the only character I’ve played that I’ve ever thought about revisiting. I just got to thinking, where would this guy end up after 25 years? Andrew Miller has a fantastic take on it and we hope to create a show that will be fun and scary for fans of the movie and folks that have yet to discover it. Let’s kick some Graboid ass!” he said.

“The thing is, to me what’s interesting about that guy is that he was doing nothing, working as a handyman,” Kevin continued. And then because of this extraordinary circumstance, he gets to become a hero! So, what happens after you’ve become an accidental hero? 25 years later. And that’s the thing we want to explore in this series,” Bacon adds.

We can’t wait!

Let’s hope that Melvin, Earl and Burt are all brought back.