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07th Jan 2017

The best of Graham Norton’s Big Red Chair featured the cruelest rejection ever

A real stand-out moment.

Paul Moore

As soon as we saw the footage of Zach Braff and Kenneth Branagh cracking up from the story that Aileen from Derry told, we knew that Graham Norton’s Big Red Chair special was going to be good.

Over the years, we’ve been treated to some wonderful stories from the public with Ireland featuring quite prominently. Who can forget the moment that Chris O’Dowd was caught out by John from the West, or this story from Sean from Donegal.

While these tales are mortifying, they’re in good company because The Graham Norton Show has published some of their favourite stories from The Red Chair.

Snots, sex, some very weird activities in a dog house all feature, but the most memorable moment still involves the world’s cruelest public rejection.

Poor Thomas, we still feel sorry for him. He was literally dumped on live TV.

This being said, it was nice to see him return to the show and laugh all of this off.

Even if you’ve heard these stories before, they’re still gold. Take a look.

If you haven’t heard Aileen’s story yet, here it is.


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